Hellish Neighbours

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An Android adaptation of the classic Neighbours from Hell


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Hellish Neighbours is an unofficial adaptation of the classic Neighbours from Hell where you play a man that, tired of his neighbor's behavior, decides to take revenge by pulling all sorts of pranks.

You control the cursor with your fingertip and use it to move your protagonist around. You can, for example, dig out some glue from a closet and apply it to your neighbor's binoculars so they get stuck to his face. You'll have to be careful, though, to avoid getting caught while you pull all these pranks.

You can use loads of different objects: mouse traps, firecrackers, marbles, and markers. And by combining some of these objects, you can make even more dangerous traps. Unfortunately, the neighbor also has some help: his parrot, for example, will snitch on you if he sees you doing anything suspicious.

Hellish Neighbours is a simple but entertaining game. It's as good in its console version as it is on computers, and now on Android, it gets even better.

Requires Android 2.2 or higher